Wenjun Li
🔉 audio-only
Gamepad Keyboard ↓
If you are playing it with a keyboard instead of a gamepad, please refer to the below:
' WASD ' keys - Move up, down, left, and right, horizontally
' Arrow ↑↓ ' keys - Move up and down, vertically
' Y ' key - Do the task
' N 'key - Procrastinate
' L 'Key - Locate yourself in this maze
' I ' key - Know the use of each key
This is an audio-only game where players can navigate through 125 days of someone’s life with sound.
These 125 days were extracted from 25 weeks in 5 years and have been “reshaped” to a 5*5*5 3D maze.
Players are allowed to move in any direction in the maze, which also means that non-linear time travel is available on these days.
When a task appears in that person’s life, a decision needs to be made by the player on whether to procrastinate or not. Consequences will follow according to different decisions.
There is an exit somewhere in the maze, but getting there isn’t the end goal of this game. It just brings an end to the whole journey!
This game was designed and developed during a game jam in Game Design as Play Design class with Instructor Jonathan Beilin at Parsons School of Design.
The game theme I chose was “Procrastination is the dream flow of the universe.” So I named it “Procrastination, the Dream Flow.” (Not being creative at all, I know.)
Play it on itch.io!
Gameplay video.
This work uses a few sounds from freesound, for the full list please see here.