Wenjun Li
DotDotDot AR
DotDotDot AR is an ice-breaking tool for events and gatherings.
When adults were kids, they collected and exchanged cards with their buddies and made new friends by sharing playthings. Now in most social events, in order to make small talk with other people, we know that asking and sharing should be the first step.
This ice-breaking tool aims to bring back our memories of collecting, exchanging, and sharing from childhood to an adult-led social event. Regardless of who we are right now, we all grew up as kids, didn’t we?

 [ DotDotDot AR is a team project created by QUOGEN studio in collaboration with TEDxChengdu. ]

QUOGEN is a new media design and technology studio founded by multi-disciplinary designers artists and developers. It provides creative Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions for clients to help upgrade their traditional products and stand out in the new era.
I joined QUOGEN in summer 2020 and worked there as a creative technologist from 2020-2021.
_We walk between virtual and reality, breaking the gap and creating connection. We breed new experiences and incubate different levels of sensory worlds. We explore multi-dimensions, and create portals and interfaces, to pursue freedom beyond matter.
In March 2021, TEDxChengdu held its first TEDxKids@Chengdu event that aimed to spark discussion around what makes an “extraordinary player” who is not only a kids’ role model but also dedicated to creating an encouraging environment for kids to explore and grow. 10 speakers and over 500 audience members joined the discussion on the event day.
I was one of the founding team members of TEDxChengdu and volunteered in curation from 2017-2019. Though I am not engaged in organizing events anymore, TEDxChengdu to me has always been a home where I can be nurtured and grow. So I am very glad this year I was able to facilitate this collaboration with QUOGEN studio and see how two innovative groups in different fields could inspire each other and help generate new ideas.
_In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks videos and live speakers combine to spark deep discussions and connections in a small group. (from TED) TEDxChengdu is independently organized under a free license from TED since February 5th of 2017.
How It Works
According to the particular theme of this event - “DotDotDot” curated around the keyword - “Play,” we designed a cute monster world with Augmented Reality gameplay. That means the monster world is hidden (behind some cards) from human eyes.
In order to unlock hidden scenes, participants need to reach out to different people and ask for exchanging stickers. Only when the number of collected stickers is correct and the stickers are also placed at the right spots on cards, can monster world scenes show up on the screen after participants scan the cards with their phones.
The whole gameplay experience includes four stages: adopt a little AR monster, exchange stickers, scan&collect, and reward.
AR Scenes
Character Design: Shuhao Liu, Benny Zhang
3D Modeling and Animation: Yilin Zhu
Technical Director: Hongxi Chen
Creative Director: Jiaqi Liu
Project Coordinator: Wenjun Li
Content Designer: Senyuan (Allie) Xiao
Visual Designer: Shuhao Liu & Benny Zhang
Software and Data Developer: Junxian Liu & Pengbo Li
Special Thanks: Valerie Lin, Nina Wang, Jonathan Beilin, Chaoji (Hongxing), Siyuan Chen