Wenjun Li
AR Experiments

Applications on this page are all built on Augmented Reality technologies but with different design purposes.

AR enhances our view of the real world by overlaying what we see with computer-generated information, but at the same time, it leaves room for people to interact with their physical surroundings. Compared to VR, AR applications on handheld devices are generally more lightweight and accessible to most people.

So experimenting with AR technology can be very fascinating and surprising when trying to prototype ideas and quickly learn from user reactions.

AR Interactive Learning Material >>

AR Bonus for a Toy Box >>

Wine Bottle AR >>

A Portal to Thailand >>

AR Interactive Learning Material

AR Bonus for a Toy Box

Wine Bottle AR

A Portal to Thailand

AR Interactive Learning Material
_Videos Clips: Stock footage provided by Kiril Dobrev, Stand Up for Nature, Mark Schellenberg, and Videvo, downloaded from www.videvo.net.
A hand-crafted AR learning material made with Unity and Vuforia Engine SDK.   [ Full Video ]
Its "interface" is very straightforward. The expected action is the user taps on any of the virtual buttons, then videos show up inside this window accordingly.
AR Bonus for a Toy Box
_3D Model: "Shin-chan and Shiro" by luluning is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
An AR app I made for a blind box I bought.
Most of the time, a blind box itself becomes worthless after it is opened and the toy has been taken out. To help this poor box be kept for a bit longer, I came up with this idea - adding another hidden playable dimension to the box.
Scan the top of the box and then unlock one more Shi-Chan that lives in the AR dimension.
Wine Bottle AR
_3D Model: "flowers with the vase" by Gajk.Mv is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
noun /wʌɪn/
The only thing holding the world together right now.
"We're having a second lockdown, pass the wine."
(From the Internet)
A Portal to Thailand
I have been trying to put a Hogwarts scene behind the portal, (here is a Ravenclaw looking forward to being back to school!) however, all the videos I’ve found have formats that are not supported in Unity. I would be very much appreciated if you know how to convert Equi-angular Cubemap (EAC) format to Equirectangular and would love to offer some help!!
Want to go traveling during lockdown with just a tap? Try this AR portal!!   [ Full Video ]
What behind the portal is a 360 video. With this, you are able to go anywhere and have an immersive sightseeing experience as long as you have a 360 video of that place.